Types of cockroaches

Types of cockroaches

◆ German cockroaches (Blattella Germany)

It is the most common cockroach indoors, and adult insects are light brown, about 1.2cm, with two dark stripes vertically along with the shape of the shield behind the head, and reproduce very quickly. Cracks and gaps under the sink and toilet are preferred hideouts. It is rarely found outdoors without people.

◆ American cockroaches (Periplaneta Americana)

It is the largest cockroach commonly found in residential areas and is about 3.8cm long. It is reddish-brown, brown, etc., and has a light yellow band at the edge of the area behind the head. It has well-developed wings, but it does not fly often. American cockroaches are also known to breed slower than German cockroaches. It prefers dark and humid areas like a cellar and gathers in floor drains, laundry rooms, boiler rooms, and sewage. In summer, it is also found around outdoor trash cans.

◆ Orientalis

The glossy black or dark brown oriental cockroach is about 2.5cm long, with females having very short wings, and males covering about half of the belly. I like cool, dark, and humid places such as sewers and cellars. It lives outdoors and eats garbage, human and animal excrement, and decaying organic matter.

◆ Brown striped cockroaches (Supella longipalpa)

Compared to German cockroaches, they are similar in size but not common, with no dark vertical stripes on the back of the head, a black bell-shaped pattern on the back of the head, and two horizontal yellow stripes across the wings. It can be found anywhere in the house, including ceilings, walls, closets, behind frames, and under furniture.

Cleanliness is the most important thing to fight cockroaches because they thrive in food, moisture, and places that are easy to hide. Food and waste should not be left unattended, such as cleaning up food waste, doing the dishes right away, and not leaving pet food all night.

Cracks and open holes around doors and windows are blocked by silicone. Instead of spraying pesticides randomly, the focus should be on finding and treating cockroaches’ favorite hideouts. There is also a way to directly spray powder such as boric acid or diatomite, but if you have a pet, you’d better not use it.

There are many posts saying that if you search for cockroach eradication on the Internet, you can eradicate cockroaches with bait mixed with boric acid with incentives.

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